Absolutely! Many of our community members make their first and lasting friends on the rides to and from school. Therefore, we help foster our students' friendships on and off Buggy by facilitating 'Buggy Playdates.'

For playdates with friends who are not yet members of our community, we require the information and permission of their parents before boarding.

No worries, we provide it! Buggy requires all passengers 6 yrs or younger to use a car seat…it’s the law!

We can accommodate most any school morning schedule, and will aim to collect your child between 6:15am-9:15am. Since we group students by proximity, we are able to minimize the number of stops!

We pick up anytime between 12-6 pm in our Mercedes Sprinter Vans. We offer normal dismissal, after-school pickup, and late pickup after game events.

Yes, we have a one-time registration fee of $149 per child. This covers getting parents set up with our technology, and admin work related to their child's individual schedule. We allow students to change their pickup schedules without any additional fees! Once this fee is paid, it will not have to be paid again.

Unfortunately, we are not able to refund for quarantines. Once your spot on Buggy is reserved, it's yours! We can only issue credit for a government-mandated shutdown.

Besides saving parents on the cost of fuel and car maintenance, Buggy uses less than a 3rd of the emissions that the average parents use to get their child to school. Transportation accounts for at least 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions, roughly eight billion tons of carbon per year.

Each BUGGY eliminates about nine cars on the road. That's – 9 fewer cars clogging up traffic on the way to school and nine fewer cars of the parents driving back home polluting the air.

Yes! We have built a reputation for being the best provider for riders with special needs. Our caring community of riders and our strict enforcement of the anti-discrimination policy is the reason families love Buggy.

We believe our coachmen and coachwomen are delightedly getting these precious angels and fairies around in a magical pumpkin carriage, a 'Buggy.' After many years of raising kids, our drivers understand there is much we can learn from them. Hence, drivers consciously provide feedback to parents to give insights from daily observation so parents can feel less stressed and more confident in understanding their kids' needs.

Our drivers understand that children are still learning and developing and need more time to process information. Thus as the caretaker on Buggy, they are trained to slow down in every way possible, not rush through their interactions with our members, and practice being more patient with your children. The goal of this professional relationship is focused on ensuring we help parents save time lost to the tough job of raising kids and helping them become the parent they want to be.

In addition to month “ride-alongs” with upper management, we use Zendrive, a software that monitors driver behavior to prevent texting or talking during their rides. For added security, we perform quarterly DMV checks and “refresher” training sessions to reinforce compliance with our standards. To say we take safety seriously here at Buggy would be an understatement!

We allow you to choose whether you need only morning or only afternoon pickups. During signup, you can tailor your Buggy schedule to fit the needs of your family (such as extracurricular dropoff or afterschool pickup). However, we only offer one way or round trip subscriptions. Let us know if we can further assist in lightening your driving load!

​We understand that life happens. While we don’t allow drivers to answer their phones while driving (for safety reasons), you will have the chaperone’s cell number. In case of an emergency, just give him/her a ring. ​

Alternatively, we provide a 24/7 answering service for parents. Just call 305-204-8849 and a Buggy agent will assist you.

That's not a problem--we can accommodate most schedules. We offer normal dismissal and after-school pickup service.

Buggy allows either one way (5 rides a week) morning or afternoon, or roundtrip (10 rides a week)

Yes, Buggy gives siblings who ride together 5% off!

Our rates are calculated as a flat monthly fee, so we do not prorate for holidays. We of course do not charge for summer break unless you book camp transportation.

We service over 30 schools, and many have their unique holiday schedules, but we ensure that your child gets serviced each school day per their Buggy schedule.

We offer two yearly subscription plans: one way (morning or afternoon) for $359 per month OR round-trip service, for $679 per month. This flat rate covers up to 9 miles and includes GPS Tracking and Camera Access to our vans, Beyond that, we calculate a small surcharge ($1) per additional mile.

We use a safety-first approach to ensure consistent, comfortable, and reliable transportation for our precious riders. Our riders are happier having the same familiar face similar to a classroom setting with the occasional intervention from illness or other life events.